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We offer a variety of loans at competitive rates and convenient terms. No prepayment penalty. For ease of mind, credit disability and credit life may be purchased on loans. We review our loans in house, and have an estimated turn-around time of 24 hours. *All loan decisions including rate, term, and limit, are based on review of the application, credit report, and other supporting information. Some applications may require a cosigner, or may be denied.

Auto and Motorcycle - up to 110% of value

We finance new and used automobiles and motorcycles, as well as antique and collector’s items.

Miscellaneous Title - up to 110% of value

New and used items that carry a title, such as; boats, utility trailers, campers, and atvs.

Signature - higher limits, lower rates

Personal loans can be used for any reasonable need that arises, such as vacation, home improvement, auto repair, etc. No collateral involved, 10% share pledge.

Visa Credit Cards

Line of credit limits and interest rates based on approved credit. No annual fees!

90 Day Note

Similar to a signature loan for a short term situation. Must have reasonable method of repayment at the end of the 90 days.

Share Secured

Our absolute lowest rate loan offered. Secure 100% of your loan balance with your shares. Keep your savings and earn a dividend, while enjoying your loan.